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The goal of the BlockID Mobile SDK documentation is to provide any developer (with Android or iOS experience) the knowledge and understanding required to integrate the BlockID Mobile SDK and access the core features provided.

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The BlockID Mobile SDK is a dependency available for Android and iOS platforms. It is easily incorporated into native Android applications using Gradle as the dependency management tool, and into iOS applications using CocoaPods for dependency management.

The table below provides an overview of the BlockID Mobile SDK's version and the prescribed dependency management tools for each platform, serving as the recommended means of integrating dependencies:

PlatformVersionDependency Management


The features and capabilities below are accessible to application developers through the BlockID Mobile SDK. Developers can setup authentication method in the apps, onboard users, provide users a capability to scan, enroll and verify their identity and miscellaneous documents.


Insufficient authentication controls allow an attacker to circumvent intended authentication-based security mechanisms and gain access to an application illegitimately. The application developers must implement an authentication mechanism in the app. The BlockID Mobile SDK provides below authentication methods which application developers can implement in their apps very easily.

  • PIN Authentication
  • Biometrics Authentication
  • LiveID Authentication - Identity verification for mobile app

The application must register for above authentication mechanisms (using Document Enrollment features) before using either of them.

User Onboarding

The BlockID Mobile SDK provides developers an option to add (link), remove (unlink) and authenticate user account(s).

Document Scanning

The BlockID Mobile SDK provides developers a quick way to integrate document scanning feature in their application. The BlockID Mobile SDK's document scanner supports following documents:

  • Driver's License
  • Passport
  • National ID

Document Enrolling

The BlockID Mobile SDK provides developers an option to add, remove and restore the document(s) to or from the BlockID platform. The following is a list of entities which can be added, removed and restored to or from BlockID platform using document registration service:

  • PIN
  • LiveID
  • Identity Documents
    • Driver's License
    • Passport
    • National ID
  • Miscellaneous Documents

LiveID registration is required to register an identity documents

Document Verification

BlockID Mobile SDK provides the functionality to verify data that the user has presented through our partners. The BlockID Mobile SDK supports the below document verification services:

  • Driver's License Verification
  • Social Security Number (SSN) Verification
  • Document Liveness Verification
  • Face Liveness Check during LiveID Enrollment
  • Face Comparison

FIDO2 Capability

BlockID SDK provides the following FIDO2 capabilities:

  • Register FIDO2 Key
  • Authenticate FIDO2 Key


The BlockID Mobile SDK provides the following WalletConnect functionality:

  • Connect and disconnect BlockID wallet to DApps (decentralized applications)
  • Transaction signing
  • Personal signing


In terms of security, SDKs are considered to be deployed horizontally in the application ecosystem, whereas apps are considered to be deployed vertically. What this means is that an insecure SDK could potentially compromise the security of all the applications associated with that particular SDK.

Additionally, SDKs are most commonly owned by third parties, outside of the control of the owners of the application using the SDK. This can make it difficult to resolve any discovered vulnerabilities.

With all this in mind, the BlockID SDK was designed with a locking mechanism to prevent any unauthorized access.

  • The BlockID Mobile SDK will always be in a locked state by default
  • To unlock the BlockID Mobile SDK, one has to successfully login/register in an authentication mode
  • If the BlockID Mobile SDK is locked and someone tried to access the API, the screen will show an error message stating unauthorized access