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Please Note:

We've provided an example demo application where users can test webauthn functionality. Users can register a FIDO device, and then use that device to authenticate.

WebAuthn allows websites and applications to add FIDO-based authentication on supported browsers and platforms, allowing users to authenticate with built-in biometrics, mobile devices, and security keys. This enables a smoother login experience for your users while also providing more security over passwords alone.

How it Works

After logging in initially, users can register a compatible FIDO2 device to their account to act as an authenticator. This can be a security key, such as a YubiKey, a mobile device, or device biometrics, such as TouchID.

After registering an authenticator, users can their enrolled device to authenticate their account whenever additional security is needed, such as during user login.


  • BlockID SDK - installed and initialized with license key and tenant information.
  • Compatible FIDO2 device - this can be a hardware key, such as a YubiKey, or a device with built-in biometrics, such as a mobile device.

See Getting Started for more information on installing and initializing the BlockID SDK.