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Analytics Tracking

1Kosmos has implemented an Analytics tracking capability for BlockID customers to identify and track events resulting from Developer use cases in our Developer Experience sandbox. A tenant administrator is able to retrieve the events from inside the AdminX control plane for BlockID.

How can the events be tracked in AdminX?

Please follow the steps below to start tracking events in AdminX:

  • Navigate to your AdminX instance and log in as a tenant or community Admin

  • Access the Event Logs page by clicking on Reports from the left-side menu

  • Click on any listed event to view details

Authentication Events

We've provided some real-world authentication events as examples below. BlockID Users can create their own events by navigating to their customer tenant and logging in using QR Codes, Username & Password + OTP, and Magic Links using Email.

Login Using QR Code

Event created when a user successfully logs in by scanning a QR Code with the BlockID Mobile Application:

The event was created when a user was sent an invitation to their registered email address containing a Magic Link.

Event created when the user successfully logged in by clicking and redeeming the Magic Link:

Sandbox Events


Event created by scanning the QR Code on the DevX Sandbox Passwordless page:

FIDO WebAuthn

The event captured when the user registered a platform authenticator on the DevX Sandbox FIDO Webauthn page:

The event captured when user authenticates using the registered platform authenticator fido device:

The event captured when the user registers a dummy account with a valid email address:

The event captured when the user redeems the magic link and authenticates to the sandbox:

Driver License Verify

The event captured when the user scans their driver's license on the DevX Sandbox Driver License Verify page: